Keith Tyson Website

Here are a few screen shots from Keith Tyson’s website:





I think the website uses java and flash, and is in itself a piece of art work.

Although the website looks quite complicated, it definitely compliments Keith Tyson’s work and I would love to be able to make a website myself which was an experience.


John Martin – Apocalypse – Tate Britain

Went to the John Martin exhibition this weekend and loved the way in which they presented The Last Judgement Triptych:

The works were presented so that you sat in front of them on benches. The lights went out and there were voices speaking as though they were from the 1800’s voicing the reactions of people when they first saw the paintings back then.

The lights then went up to reveal the paintings in all their glory. Next they digitally manipulated the paintings, so that they looked like flaming ash was falling from the rocks, or that the water was rippling.

I found the whole experience really brought the paintings alive and was a pleasant difference to quietly viewing the paintings alone.

Purely for how beautiful this painting was, it was my favourite of the show:

Arthur and Aegle in the Happy Valley, 1849

The cinematic quality of the paintings is stunning and I will be looking further into film that has taken inspiration from Martin’s work.

For example Intolerance, 1916, which used the scenery from Belshazzar’s Feast, 1826 needs to be looked into as I imagined all the fantastical works coming to life as films whilst going round the exhibition.

Amiens – Blanche Nuit

I recently visited Amiens, France to help these guys out

As part of a group of about 20 people, we filmed events by camera phone or hand held camera, that were happening around the city and then sent the videos, about 30 seconds in length, back to the ‘meta hub’.

The films were then edited by their team and projected onto a many sided cube sculpture, therefore providing a mash up of the night in one place.

By day:


And by night:

Here are some examples of other works around the city:



My favourite piece was the one above on the right.

You had to queue up for about 10 minutes to see the work, which in itself added some atmosphere to the event as all the other pieces you could just stumble across.

Firstly you entered a room which was completely black and then strobe lights began at the opposite end of the room, so people began to walk towards them. You then entered into a second room and the strobes stopped for a few seconds. The lights fully came on and you could see you were in a room, surrounded by life size sculptures of naked men, from the knees up on plinths. Their faces were dripping.

The strobes then started up again at a fast pace and it was hard to walk around without walking into a sculpture or an actual person.

I thought that the whole experience was so immersive for the audience. It was quite a simple idea but it seemed to me to be the most interesting use of digital media of Blanche Nuit. Personally I was terrified by the flashes of the sculptures and it reminded me of Doctor Who, however a lot of the children found it exciting and were peering through the door to see peoples reactions as they were in there.

Recent trip to Warsaw

The Generation in Transition exhibition presents the artworks of a young generation of artists of Indian origin, living and working in India, as well as in America and Europe. It is the first extensive showcase of contemporary art from this region presented in Central Europe in recent years. For about twenty years now, India has been experiencing an enormous economic and technological development, which has had a substantial impact on social structures. This change, with its positive and negative aspects, is frequently reflected in the works of contemporary artists, especially in those of the youngest ones who have grown up in these interesting times of transition.

03.09 – 06.11

I recently attended this exhibition at Zacheta. Particular favourites were this film by Bharat Sikka – The Ceremony.

On a purely fun level, I enjoyed this piece which was a small house, like a wendy house, but when entered had mirrored walls, floor and ceiling making it seem infinitely large. It was also a great excuse to take some photos.

Also another thing worth mentioning is the epic sculpture/architecture at the back of this building in Old Town.

The Bet

Some stills from my recent short film ‘The Bet’, which was based on an Angela Carter short story ‘The Tiger’s Bride’. Which in turn is based on the age old fairytale ‘Beauty and The Beast’.

More images on my flickr page. I hope to upload the film here soon.


Filming for book trailer ‘Fenrir’.

Here are a few images from a book trailer that I helped with the filming of.

The novel Fenrir by the author is MD Lachlan, is the second fantasy installment from the author of Wolfsangel.

We filmed on location at Devils Dyke, with director Michael Bentham. Luckily this was filmed a few months ago so we had perfect weather!

Although it was filmed in the day, Lucy then edited the final footage to make it night.

Here is the finished trailer: