Map the Museum

‘What if a map could tell us not just where things are in Brighton & Hove, but also what used to be there? How did a street once look? Who used to live there once? What sort of objects have people found there?’

This looks set to be an interesting project, I’m particularly excited about the open data that will come out of this endeavour .

It’s a great idea to get local knowledge about a city altogether in one place.

To read more, click the link below.

Map the Museum.


The secret areas!

As I have mentioned before I am hoping to make an app for Brighton Museum, which will be able to help show works, such as prints, that cannot be put on display due to fragility or unsuitable conditions.

Last week I took a walk round the Pavilion and was lucky enough to be taken up the main onion dome of The Royal Pavilion. This got me to thinking about the secret areas of the Pavilion that the public don’t normally get to see due to health and safety (the spiral staircase that led upto the onion was leaning in towards the centre and did not feel at all safe, especially for loads of visitors to trapes up and down!) or due to high costs to restore the area to it’s former glory.

This second point to me is unimportant as I found seeing the old graffiti, exposed walls and piled junk to be more exciting than a pristine room, and made me feel like I was doing something I wasn’t supposed to and that not many people have done.

© Graham Spicer

© Graham Spicer

© Graham Spicer

I have always been fascinated by bizarre forgotten buildings, particularly ones that you can imagine were splendid back in the day!

Take for example the Underwater Ballroom of Whitley Park:

There has also recently been an article in The Guardian about a group that explores the abandoned London Underground stations:

Their website has some interesting finds too (The places they have explored are not all in the UK)

Such as an old Stella Artois brewery, in Leuven

MADMA at Phoenix Gallery Brighton

Us members of the MA in Digital Media Arts and Brighton uni had our first joint show last weekend at Phoenix Gallery

Poster by Ståvros Siåmptånis

Carlos Del Salto made this video which excellently captures the set up and event.

I have also added some images to my flickr page. It was a great experience and a great way to see all of our work in action together. It was also very interesting to see the types of themes and connections that we were able to make between our work by exhibiting together.

Thanks to Phoenix for such a chilled out atmosphere. Although Phoenix is a gallery I was very happy to find that it was not stale in the way ‘white cube’ style galleries are and I feel that exhibiting in a room that you have to work around adds something to the works on show.