Amazing light projections!!!

I have always loved the idea of projecting onto buildings or surfaces that wouldn’t normally be considered conventional. That you can use the surfaces already existing contours to enhance a projection or vis versa is something that I definitely want to explore further.

In a project a few years ago I projected a looped film, Work Out, partially onto a fellow artists piece of work and partially onto a rough brick wall, above a corrugated staircase.

I found that the refections given off by the metal below and the texture of the wall added an extra dimension to both works. Some beautiful examples of this type of projection, such as Tower of Dreams BN2 by Shared Space and Light as part of Brighton’s White Night last year (2011), show how magical it really can be.

An absolutely stunning combination of dance, animation, projections and music that I have recently come across is WIFE:

From their artist statement:
[WIFE] is the creation of Nina McNeely, Kristen Leahy, and Jasmine Albuquerque. Her three members are dancers, choreographers, teachers, editors, animators, and performers thriving in the underbelly of L.A subculture. She finds inspiration from myth, folklore, archetypes, and the subtleties of everyday human behavior. Influences include Jim Henson, Chris Cunningham, Akira Kurosawa, Kathy Rose, Wendy Carlos, Yayoi Kusama, Planningtorock, Aleister Crowley, her friends, and you.

The video below absolutely blew me away!

She will only be seen in the dark.
She is a magician of picture and light.
She exists in many dimensions.
She is visceral contemporary dance.
She is studying the subtleties of your behavior.
She is eternally bound to archetype, myth, lore, alchemy, and dreams.

Also whilst on the subject of amazing light installations, here is a cathedral made of 55,000 LED lights by Luminarie De Cagna. The piece was commissioned for the Ghent Light Festival, there are also some other amazing pieces so do check them out at 

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